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The Winners The winners of the 2012 Judge Advocate General Excellence in Field Regulations Awards were: the 9th Coast Guard District and Sector New York. The District Award The 9th District Legal Ofce developed more than 100 feld regulations (including a nationally signifcant feld regulation to control the spread of Asian carp, an invasive aquatic nuisance species) that were essential to sector and unit operations and public safety. The legal ofce achieved this goal by constructing a safety zone and a regulated navigation area to protect the marine environment for an extensive river system that incorporated fexibility, creativity, and balance of USCG, other federal agency, and local interests. The Sector Award Sector New York's Waterways Management Ofce evaluated approximately 950 marine event permits, resulting in 20 detailed feld regulations to establish security zones, safety zones, special local regulations, regulated navigation areas, and special anchorage areas. Sector personnel consolidated more than 60 annual recurring marine events into one regulation, signifcantly reducing their numbers, streamlining the process, and reducing administrative burden. 44 Proceedings Winter 2012 | Spring 2013 • innovationsandimprovementstopromotethe ÀeldregulationsprocessandtheuseofÀeldregulations; • successfullyimplementingasystemtoprovide feedbacktoclientsandpromulgatebestpractices forthedistrictlegalofÀce; • strengthoftrainingandstaffdevelopment; • quality of service provided to clients and the p ublic. The Sector Award ThesectorawardrecognizestheeffortsofsectorpersonnelwhodevelopandmanageÀeldregulationsto supportCoastGuardmissionexecutionwithinthe uniquecharacteristicsofasector'sareaofresponsibility.Nomineesfortheawardarenotlawyers.However,theyareevaluatedonmanyofthesamefactors describedforthedistrictaward.Additionalcriteria include: • compliancewiththeAdministrativeProcedure Act, • properuseofCoastGuardauthoritiestoaccomplishthedesiredregulatoryoutcome, • processingtimelinessandefÀciency. FieldregulationsarevitaltotheCoastGuard'sdayto-day operations, and the Judge Advocate General's awards program recognizes and celebrates thisachievement.Nominationsfortheawardhave increasedsincetheawardswereinstituted,reÁecting theirgrowingprestigewithintheCoastGuardcommunity. About the author: CDR Michael Cavallaro is the deputy ofÀce chief, U.S. Coast Guard OfÀce of Regulations and Administrative Law, and executive secretary, Marine Safety and Security Council. Previous assignments include assistant legal ofÀcer at the Coast Guard Academy and marine inspector/investigator at Sector Hampton Roads. He received his J.D. from George Mason University School of Law. Endnotes: 1. 'Eustachio,Kevin.Field Regulations: What They Are, How They Come D About, and What Violations Cost. Washington,D.C.:Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council, Vol.67,Number1,Spring2010. 2. d.at33. I

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