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Proceedings magazine is a communication tool for the Coast Guard's Marine Safety & Security Council. Each quarterly magazine focuses on a specific theme of interest to the marine industry.

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Regulation Room's issues page helps users locate topics of interest. We believe Regulation Room's most important lesson is that broadening effective public participation requires considerable investment from the citizen participants and from their government. About the authors: Ms. Jackeline Solivan is a Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative postdoctoral fellow. She received a B.S. in policy analysis and management from Cornell University and a J.D. with a concentration in public law from Cornell Law School. Ms. Cynthia R. Farina is the faculty director of the Regulation Room project, a lifetime fellow of the Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section of the ABA, and a public member of the Administrative Conference of the United States. She co-authors the leading casebook on administrative law, and she has been a Cornell Law School faculty member since 1985. Endnotes: 1. Farina, C.R., Newhart, M. J., Cardie, C., Cosley, D., and Cornell eRulemaking Initiative. Rulemaking 2.0. Miami Law Rev. 65, 2011; Farina, C.R., Miller, P., Newhart, M.J., Cardie, C., Cosley, D., Vernon, R. Rulemaking in 140 characters or less: social networking and public participation in rulemaking. Pace Law Rev. 31 2011; Farina, C., Newhart, M., Heidt, J. (2012b) Rulemaking vs. Democracy: Judging and Nudging Public Participation that Counts. Forthcoming in Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law 2(1). 2. Kerwin, C.M. (2003) Rulemaking: How Government Agencies Write Law and Make Policy, 3rd ed. Washington, DC: CQ Press. 3. Balla, S.J. and Daniels, B.M. The Future of Federal E-Rulemaking. Report to Congress and the President (2008) Achieving the Potential, 2007; Regulation & Governance. Information Technology and Public Commenting on Agency Regulations, Vol. 1 No. 1, pp 46 to 67; Coglianese, C. (2005) Citizen Participation in Rulemaking: Past, Present, and Future. Duke Law Journal, Vol. 55, pp 943. 4. Farzan, R., DiMicco, J.M., and Brownholtz, B. Spreading the honey: a system for maintaining an online community. In Proceedings of the ACM 2009 International Conference on Supporting Group Work, New York, NY: USA, pp 31–40. 5. Nonnecke, B. and Preece, J. (2001) Why lurkers lurk. Boston, M.A.: Proceedings of the Americas Conference on Information Systems. Note: The articles contained in Proceedings are submitted by diverse public and private interests in the maritime community as a means to promote maritime safety and security. The views expressed by the authors do not necessarily represent those of the U.S. Coast Guard or the Department of Homeland Security or represent ofÀcial policy. 62 Proceedings Winter 2012 | Spring 2013

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