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FALL 2011

Proceedings magazine is a communication tool for the Coast Guard's Marine Safety & Security Council. Each quarterly magazine focuses on a specific theme of interest to the marine industry.

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During a rescue like the one described here, a Jayhawk helicopter arrives on scene to rescue a person in distress. 8 6 &RDVW *XDUG SKRWR E\ 3HWW\ 2I¿FHU VW &ODVV 6DUD )UDQFLV distress situation. This saves time and resources and allows SAR authorities to use limited assets for real emergencies. There is no penalty for accidentally activating a distress beacon, but if it was activated DFFLGHQWO\ WKH &RDVW *XDUG QHHGV WR EH QRWLÀHG DV soon as possible. It is critically important to be sure the NOAA distress beacon database remains updated with your cur- rent contact information. Having this information improves rescuers' ability to help in an emergency. The Search 0RUH WKDQ PLOHV IURP WKH GLVWUHVV EHDFRQ D &RDVW *XDUG & LV UHFHLYLQJ WKH 0+] VLJQDO IURP WKH DFWLYDWHG GLVWUHVV EHDFRQ DQG EHJLQV KRPLQJ LQ RQ WKH VXUYLYRUV LQ WKH ZDWHU $V WKH DLUFUHZ UHFHLYHV WKH GLV- WUHVV VLJQDO HPEHGGHG LQ LW DQG GLVSOD\ WKH *36 LQIRUPDWLRQ LQ WKH FRFNSLW RI WKH DLUFUDIW ,W WDNHV WKH & OHVV WKDQ PLQXWHV WR FRYHU WKH GLV- WDQFH DQG DUULYH RQ VFHQH 'XULQJ WKLV WLPH WKH & FUHZ SDVVHV WKH LQIRUPDWLRQ WR WKH &RDVW *XDUG + KHOLFRSWHU FUHZ WKDW LV VWLOO RQH KRXU RXW When used correctly, the distress beacon will provide WLPHO\ QRWLÀFDWLRQ RI DQ HPHUJHQF\ 'LVWUHVV EHDFRQV are not the only safety equipment that should be used in outdoor recreation and are not intended to replace essential safety equipment such as radios or life jack- ets; rather, they should be used in addition to these devices. 7KH 0+] GLVWUHVV EHDFRQ LV WKH LQWHUQDWLRQDO standard, as it is the only frequency monitored glob- 18 Proceedings Fall 2011 WKH\ DUH DEOH WR GHFRGH WKH GLJLWDO PHVVDJH ally by international satellites. As such, these distress EHDFRQV ZLOO UHPDLQ D FULWLFDO QRWLÀFDWLRQ WRRO SHRSOH can use to notify the Coast Guard of a distress situ- ation. The Rescue 7KUHH KRXUV DIWHU DFWLYDWLQJ WKHLU GLVWUHVV EHDFRQ WKH IRXU VDLORUV DUH RXW RI WKHLU UDIW DQG RQ WKHLU ZD\ KRPH 7KH GLVWUHVV EHDFRQ KDV EHHQ WXUQHG RII DQG QR ORQJHU EURDGFDVWV DQ DOHUW VLJQDO )RU OHVV WKDQ WKH VLOHQW FRPPXQLFDWRU VXPPRQHG KHOS IRU IRXU SHRSOH LQ GLVWUHVV )RXU OLYHV VDYHG We Are SAR The oldest United States Coast Guard mission is the successful search and rescue of persons in distress. 7KH 0+] GLVWUHVV EHDFRQ LV WKH LQWHUQDWLRQDO standard for distress beacons, and, when activated, receives the full attention of the U.S. SAR system. 1R VDIHW\ GHYLFH LV D VXEVWLWXWH IRU H[HUFLVLQJ JRRG judgment and following sensible safety procedures, EXW D 0+] GLVWUHVV EHDFRQ ZLOO OHW VHDUFK DQG UHV- cue authorities know when you need help. About the author: &'5 0DUN 7XUQHU KDV VHUYHG LQ WKH 8 6 &RDVW *XDUG IRU \HDUV LQ PDQ\ FDSDFLWLHV PRVW QRWDEO\ DV D UHVFXH KHOLFRSWHU SLORW +H KDV EHHQ UHFRJQL]HG DV WKH &RDVW *XDUG ([FHSWLRQDO 3LORW RI WKH

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