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FALL 2011

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International Search and Rescue An air perspective. by LT. COL. C+$5/(6 A. TOMKO &RPPDQGHU $LU )RUFH 5HVFXH &RRUGLQDWLRQ &HQWHU 8 6 $LU )RUFH ALERFA: N644AP Light Civilian Aircraft Departure: Montreal, Canada (YUL) Intended Arrival: Boston, Massachusetts (BOS) Route of Flight: YUL YJN BTV LEB BHT BOS Persons on board: Pilot, three passengers Last known position: Radar 3 NM south of YJN heading south, descending out of 10,000 feet ;OPZ ÄJ[P[PV\Z ZJLUHYPV VM HU ¸HSLY[ WOHZL ¹ VY (3,9-( PZ HU L_HTWSL VM [OL Z[HY[ VM [OL WYVJLZZ [V ZLHYJO MVY H TPZZPUN HPYJYHM[ [OH[ OHZ JYVZZLK [OL IVYKLY IL[^LLU [^V UH[PVUZ ;OLYL HYL T`YPHK PZZ\LZ [OH[ JV\SK OHTWLY H YLZJ\L YLZWVUZL HJYVZZ HU PU[LYUH[PVUHS IVYKLY Z\JO HZ ZLJ\YP[` JVUJLYUZ SHU N\HNL HUK [LYTPUVSVN` KPMMLYLUJLZ TPZTH[JOLK [LJOUVSVN` HUK KPMMLYPUN JVTT\UPJH[PVU TL[OVKZ -VY L_HTWSL H NYV\UK ZLHYJO HUK YLZJ\L [LHT [`WPJHSS` \ZLZ SH[P[\KL HUK SVUNP[\KL YLMLYLUJLZ [V HPK ZLHYJO LMMVY[Z YH[OLY [OHU [OL HPYÄLSK JVKLZ UV[LK PU [OL HSLY[ -VY[\UH[LS` [OLYL HYL KLKPJH[LK HNLUJPLZ JVUZ[HU[S` L]VS]PUN [OL NSVIHS ZLHYJO HUK YLZJ\L UL[^VYR [V LTIYHJL [OLZL PZZ\LZ YLZWLJ[ ZV]LYLPNU[` HUK ZH]L SP]LZ Those who travel abroad via commercial aviation often look out the airplane window to view the expanse of an ocean or untouched, remote forestland. +RSHIXOO\ WKH YDVW PDMRULW\ RI WKHVH SDVVHQJHUV ZLOO never hear the term ALERFA, much less be the sub- ject of one. The air and maritime environment can be extremely unforgiving, however. What would happen in the event of a crash landing in WKDW UHPRWH ZLOGHUQHVV" :KR ZRXOG VHDUFK IRU WKRVH DERDUG" +RZ ZRXOG WKH UHVSRQGHUV NQRZ ZKHUH WR ORRN" Rescue Coordination Centers In America, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard GXW\ RIÀFHUV DQG ZDWFK VWDQGHUV PDQ IHGHUDO UHVFXH coordination centers (RCCs). They are supported by many other equivalent federal, state, local, and tribal DJHQFLHV WR UHSRUW VHDUFK ORFDWH DQG ÀQG RYHUGXH RU PLVVLQJ DLUFUDIW %XW ZKHUH GRHV LW HQG" The answer: It doesn't! The global search and rescue (SAR) network is integrated worldwide. Under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organi- zation and the International Maritime Organization, signatory countries such as the United States agree to IRVWHU DQG ÀHOG 6$5 FDSDELOLWLHV LQ WKHLU DLUVSDFH RYHU land and water.

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