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SUM 2014

Proceedings magazine is a communication tool for the Coast Guard's Marine Safety & Security Council. Each quarterly magazine focuses on a specific theme of interest to the marine industry.

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8 Proceedings Summer 2014 The U.S. Coast Guard traveling inspection staff is a spe- cialized team of marine inspectors and investigators who provide an independent perspective and, where necessary, make recommendations to safeguard commercial vessel safety. Travelers help form program direction by measuring the effectiveness of existing programs and policies through audits and feld visits. These activities may arise from a marine casualty, a developing workforce trend, a maritime industry advocate or operator concern, or be related to a traveler's assigned specifc area of interest. Travelers are on- call, mobile technical resources who assist Coast Guard sec- tor, district, or area commanders with any vessel or vessel operation that is deemed unique, high risk, or of special interest. Journeymen Specifcally, travelers are called in when technical expertise is beyond the capabilities of the local Coast Guard unit. For example, a recent activity involved repairs to a late 1800s wrought iron sailing barque with a riveted hull. While the vessel was in dry dock for signifcant repairs, travel- ing inspectors helped orchestrate the repairs and provided training to a number of Coast Guard marine inspectors on the vessel's unique construction and the modern techniques used to repair it. As a natural outgrowth of this expertise, in recent years, the traveling inspection staff has overseen Coast Guard marine safety workforce training via audits and assessments that focus on all aspects of marine inspector performance support, including safety and resource management. Audits capture best practices, identify areas for improvement, and assess alignment with policy and guidance. Where policy and guidance gaps are found, traveler fndings and recommenda- tions inform and enhance policy and direction. National Centers of Expertise The traveling inspection staff also oversees four national centers of expertise (NCOEs), 1 formally estab- lished between 2008 and 2010 as a key part of a com- prehensive marine safety enhancement plan, focused on: • improving the Coast Guard's marine safety capacity and performance, Government The Coast Guard Traveling Inspection Staff Continuing a 100-year legacy of safety expertise. by CaPt eriC Christensen (ret.) Former Chief, Traveling Inspection Staff NCOE Supervisor Mr. Marc Cruder, traveling inspector, trains a group of Coast Guard marine inspectors on hull repairs to a sailing barque built in the late 1800s. U.S. Coast Guard photo by MSU Texas City. Summer2014_22.indd 8 5/13/14 9:45 AM

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