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FALL 2014

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20 Proceedings Fall 2014 Marriage is an intimate or close union. The Encyclopædia Britannica further defnes marriage as a union "regulated by laws, rules, customs, beliefs, and attitudes that prescribe the rights and duties of the partners." You are probably asking yourself: "What does marriage have to do with the U.S. Coast Guard, the operations community, the intelligence community, or the Western Hemisphere Strategy?" The operations community and the intelligence community in the USCG each has its own set of beliefs, rules, customs, and laws, and is essentially a culture. As such, this culture is unique to the particular community, and only its members know its language, for the most part. Just like a marriage, each entity is distinct, but the union creates a relationship that includes success as well as confict. Moreover, you may also notice that the article authors have the same last name. And, coincidently, work in intelligence and operations. Enough said. As far as the Coast Guard is concerned, the Western Hemi- sphere Strategy lays out concepts to ensure the Coast Guard's long-term success, including integrating operations and intelligence. Similar to following "marriage rules" between the members of a couple, this type of integration requires a relationship between operations and intelligence partners. In addition, with every relationship, there is a path, or a journey. They Meet In any relationship, two separate parties must meet. They must introduce themselves — their "true" selves. Rule 1: Who am I? Dr. Patricia Covalt, in her book describing secrets to a happy relationship, discusses the importance of knowing who you are and how you became that person. Understanding your own capabilities and limitations is imperative; you cannot edu- cate your partner on who you are if you do not even know. Continuing the analogy of the operations community and the intelligence commu- nity as marriage partners, introductions will include operators' history of cour- age, pride, dedication, and a willingness to achieve, assist, and save. Operators are strong in resolve, have the moral courage to make diffcult decisions, and understand One Team, One Fight The union between operations and intelligence. by LCDR kelly Moyers Geospatial Intelligence Department Head U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence Coordination Center LCDR Michael Moyers Admin, Policy and Standards Division Chief U.S. Coast Guard Offce of Cutter Forces Combating Networks and Securing Borders Marriage Rules 1. Who am I 2. Introduce yourselves 3. Learn to listen 4. Practical egalitarianism 5. Let your spouse infuence you 6. Turn toward each other 7. Expect confict and deal with it 8. Make marriage your job 9. Create shared meaning 10. The power of WE

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