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34 Proceedings Summer 2014 Ensuring Consistency Verifying offcers and marine inspection training offcers ensure that the qualifcation process consistency is main- tained in the feld. This effort is especially important, as our job aids have not always contained references to support the tasks contained within. As a result, regional "best practices" and policies found a way into the training process, and these unit-developed job aids had an adverse impact on consistent training standard application. We now verify and cite the regulations and national poli- cies from which performance and qualifcation standard, training aid, job aid, and resident "C" school curricula are based, to verify that all training adheres to the recog- nized qualifcation standard. That way an apprentice marine inspector who completes the foreign passenger ves- sel examiner performance and quali- fcation standard at the unit in Alaska will use the same performance support tools that are built into the training curriculum for a "C" school resident in Florida. Results By applying these practices across the full workforce development spectrum, the myriad teams that develop cur- ricula are better equipped to ensure that our marine safety professionals are appropriately trained. Journeyman marine inspectors then put this train- ing into action, equipped to perform their jobs effciently and effectively. About the authors: LT Sarah Geoffrion has served in the U.S. Coast Guard for more than 10 years as a marine inspector, senior investigating offcer, and marine safety detachment supervisor. She has received two commendation medals, two achievement medals, and the permanent marine safety insignia. Mr. Richard W. Symonds is a retired U.S. Coast Guard offcer with more than 20 years of experience working within the Coast Guard training system. He works extensively with the Cruise Ship National Center of Expertise to develop foreign passenger vessel performance solutions. Mr. Symonds is a master training specialist and holds advance level certifcates in human per- formance technology and as an instructional systems designer. Mr. Brad Schoenwald, senior marine inspector, leads an Advanced Foreign Passenger Examiners Course. Summer2014_22.indd 34 5/13/14 9:46 AM

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