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58 Proceedings Winter 2014 – 2015 The Unfolding Threat to Maritime Security A Case Study A team of FBI agents from the cyber task force and Coast Guard Investigative Service meet in a warehouse on the outskirts of a major port on the West Coast to review the operations plan for a search warrant to be served on a nearby shipping ofce. The warrant is based on a cyber criminal intrusion into the ofce's computer system. The goal of the criminals in this scenario is to afect delivery of food shipments into the busiest port in the U.S. by hacking into the company's network, which can impact citizens through even a slight delivery delay. Once the team leader fnishes the standard entry and safety procedures brief, she introduces the bureau's Computer Analysis Response Team leader, who will determine how the computers, peripherals, and storage devices in the case will be seized. The Orange County Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory is part of a national network of FBI-sponsored, full-service forensics laboratories and train- ing centers devoted entirely to the examination of digital evidence in support of federal, state, and local criminal and terrorism investigations. Photo courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Partnership Solution The FBI/Coast Guard team may conduct this type of maritime exercise scenario (which mimics the cyber threat that could emanate from literally any corner of the globe) at any time in the ongoing fght against cyber bad actors. In preparation for an actual attack, an FBI-led, 19-agency team is standing by at the National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force (NCIJTF). The task force itself teams with the operational sections of the FBI's Cyber Division to quickly analyze data from any seized items. The FBI's Cyber Outreach team is also on standby. The Guardian Victim Anal- ysis Unit, partnering with the FBI's cyber task forces in all 56 feld ofces are poised to notify potential victims of the intrusion. The National Infrastructure Protection Unit is prepared to notify its InfraGard membership of thousands about the vulner- ability via a secure Web portal and by leveraging coordina- tors throughout feld ofces nationwide. Additionally, the Key Partnership Engagement Unit is ready to contact partners FBI Portland SWAT team members drill aboard a ship as part of their maritime certifcation. Photo courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. from the critical infrastructure sectors regarding the current threat and provide indicators their chief information secu- rity ofcers can utilize to identify the threat and counter the attack. At the same time, the Cyber Initiative and Resource Fusion Unit team is standing by in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The

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