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Proceedings magazine is a communication tool for the Coast Guard's Marine Safety & Security Council. Each quarterly magazine focuses on a specific theme of interest to the marine industry.

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10 Proceedings Summer 2014 In September 2013, the Coast Guard decommissioned the national center of expertise dedicated to vintage vessels (steam ships, historic vessels, etc.), due to budget reductions. NCOE person nel conduct proact ive outreach with the maritime industry to strengthen these vital partnerships, which allows all stakeholders to com- municate concerns, resolve regulatory issues, and enhance proposed regula- tions and policy. Here to Stay While some of the methods and tech- niques have advanced with the times, the role of the traveling inspection staff has not changed in the 100 years since the frst traveling inspector. The travelers and NCOEs remain dedicated to provid- ing leadership, oversight, and expertise to promote and implement the Coast Guard's prevention goals to reduce per- sonnel casualties and property losses, minimize security risks, and protect the marine environment. About the author: CAPT Christensen is a 1987 graduate of the Califor- nia Maritime Academy. He spent his 26-year career dedicated to the marine safety mission, culminating in his assignment as chief of the traveling inspection staff and NCOE supervisor at Coast Guard head- quarters. He retired from active duty in April 2014. Endnote: 1. The traveling inspection staff oversees the Cruise Ship NCOE, the Liquefed Natu- ral Gas NCOE, the Outer Continental Shelf NCOE, and the Towing Vessel NCOE. Bibliography: Short, L. Steamboat Inspection Service, Its History, Activities, and Organization D. Apple- ton and Company, 1922. Andrew Jackson: Fifth Annual Message. December 3, 1833. Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project. Available at Recent NCOE Activities The traveling inspection staf oversees four of the national centers of expertise. Recent accomplishments include: Cruise Ship National Center of Expertise: Staffers conducted the Advanced Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiner Course. They were also instrumental to the response and investigation into fres on the Carnival Splendor, Carnival Triumph, and Grandeur of the Seas, and served as the Coast Guard nexus for media inquiries following the Costa Concordia disaster. Liquefed Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise: Personnel provided boots-on-the-deck support to units during liquefed natural gas vessel and shore facilities examinations and assist in Coast Guard personnel on- the-job training. Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise: NCOE staff managed training and workshops for Coast Guard personnel who inspect/ examine U.S. and foreign commercial vessels and platforms operating on the outer continental shelf. They also provide information on industry operations and technical systems such as dynamic positioning. Their expertise was critical to the Coast Guard's response and investigation into the Deepwater Horizon casualty. Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise: The current focus is exam- ining an estimated 5,000 U.S. towing vessels with an eye toward the future when those vessels will become an inspected commercial feet. Staf members led training sessions for the Uninspected Towing Vessel Examiner Course. They are also involved in developing new inspection standards for towing vessels and support feld units through on-the-job training and direct support during uninspected towing vessel exams. Summer2014_22.indd 10 5/13/14 9:45 AM

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