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42 Proceedings Spring 2014 Thanks to the integrated cross-border maritime law enforcement operations (ICMLEO) program, also known as "shiprider," authorized embarked Canadian law enforce- ment offcers can enforce U.S. law and authorized U.S. law enforcement offcers can enforce Canadian law. This collabo- ration enhances their partnership and leverages resources to counter criminal activity on both sides of the border. 1 Shiprider An innovative solution to a bi-national problem. by CAPT Bill trAvis Commander, Coast Guard Element Joint Transportation Reserve Unit U.S. Transportation Command Border Operations Picture yourself as a criminal. You make money smuggling drugs, people, weapons, or cash from the United States to Canada. Your method of transportation is a small, fast boat, equipped with a reliable GPS. If the U.S. Coast Guard spots you and gives chase, all you have to do is get across the interna- tional border and you're home free. The Coast Guard vessel will have to turn around, because the U.S. Coast Guard doesn't have jurisdiction in Canadian waters. The crew can call the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and give them a description of your boat, but you'll be long gone by the time the RCMP can get to you, if they can even find you. Now, try this scenario: The U.S. Coast Guard sees you and the vessel is closing fast, but it doesn't matter. You've made it across the border once again, so you can throttle back and cruise on to a nice hidden cove on the Canadian shore. Only this time you have a small problem. This time, the Coast Guard ves- sel keeps on coming. Before you know it, you're heading to jail. Beyond the Border In February 2011, President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper released a joint declaration, Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Secu- rity and Economic Competitiveness, which spells out the ways the U.S. and Canada can collaborate to address bor- der threats, while expediting legitimate trade and travel. 2 U.S. Coast Guard photo. Spring2014_FINAL.indd 42 3/21/14 11:14 AM

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