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The Coast Guard's role in border security goes back to its very founding. While advocating for the Constitution in the Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton proposed: "A few armed vessels, judiciously stationed at the entrances of our ports, might at small expense be made useful sentinels of the laws." 1 When he became the nation's f rst Secretary of Treasury, Hamilton fol- lowed up on that sentiment and created what we now know as the United States Coast Guard. As challenging as border security was in the early days of our republic, it is inf nitely more complex today, and the stakes are higher. Border security activities protect our nation from sophisticated, organized groups that would damage or steal our natural resources, smuggle dangerous drugs and weapons, or engage in human traff cking. Fortunately, the Coast Guard has many allies. First among them are the mariners who work on the water and their counterparts who operate our nation's cargo and passenger facili- ties. Applying their keen sense of seamanship and employing their knowledge of port and waterfront activities, they maintain security systems and are alert for unusual or suspicious activity. Vessel masters and facility security off cers ensure their vessels, facilities, crews, and employ- ees comply with domestic and international security requirements. Many of these individuals also volunteer in maritime security and area committees, and in other forums that evaluate risk, prepare contingency plans, and promote our collective security. The fact that our mari- time borders remain secure despite persistent threats from criminal and terrorist organiza- tions is a testament to these individuals and is an example of "prevention through people" at its very best. Coast Guard men and women conduct border security operations from the waterfront to the high seas and have the privilege of working with a multitude of agencies and organiza- tions. Domestically, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Customs and Border Protection, the Transportation Security Administration, the Department of Defense, and others. We are also fortunate to work with counterparts in other nations such as Transport Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on our northern border, the Japan Coast Guard, and the Chinese Fisheries Law Enforcement Command in the Western Pacif c. The diversity of these partnerships ref ects the diversity of challenges in border security from smuggling and terrorism to resource management and immigration, and from cyber security to cross-border trade resumption after a natural disaster or attack. We challenge the reader to recognize the complexity and importance of border security and f nd ways to contribute, while facilitating the f ow of commerce and the freedom of the seas that are so vital to our prosperity and way of life. Endnote: 1. Alexander Hamilton, "The Utility of the Union in Respect to Revenue from the New York Packet," the Federalist Papers, November 1787. 4 Proceedings Spring 2014 Assistant Commandants' Perspective By reAr ADMirAl josePh A. serviDio Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy U.S. Coast Guard reAr ADMirAl Peter j. Brown Assistant Commandant for Response Policy U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Robert J. Papp Jr. Commandant U.S. Coast Guard The Marine Safety & Security Council of the United States Coast Guard Rear Admiral Frederick J. Kenney Judge Advocate General Chairman Mr. Jeff Lantz Director of Commercial Regulations and Standards Member Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown Assistant Commandant for Response Policy Member Rear Admiral Joseph Servidio Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy Member Rear Admiral Stephen Metruck Assistant Commandant for Resources, Chief Financial Off cer Member Rear Admiral Steven Poulin Director for Governmental and Public Affairs Member Captain Jonathan Burton Director of Inspections and Compliance Member Mr. William R. Grawe (Acting) Director of National Pollution Funds Center Member Mr. Gary C. Rasicot Director of Marine Transportation Systems Management Member Captain Sheryl Dickinson (Acting) Director of Incident Management and Preparedness Policy Member Commander Michael Cavallaro Executive Secretary & Spring2014_FINAL.indd 4 3/21/14 11:13 AM

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