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60 Proceedings Fall 2014 The Coast Guard Ofce of Investigations and Analysis initiated a study of personnel casualties occurring on parasailing vessels from 2002 to 2009. In their analysis, they grouped personnel casualties stemming from parasailing activities into three categories: towline fail- ures, winch failures, and other failures. After examining the data, analysts discovered 27 marine casualty investigations (events) involving 44 injuries and one death. 2002–2009 Parasailing Casualties Study Results Parasail design elements. Towline Failures There were 19 personnel injuries associated with the towline parting. The investigations only indicated that the lines parted and for the most part, did not discuss the type, rating, length, condition of the line in use, the nature of the failure, or conditions that may have contributed to the failure, as in abrasion, age, sun-weath- ering, and such. These investigations inconsistently recorded the height of the canopy and passengers above ground level. However, there did not appear to be any correlation between the reported height of the fall and the extent of the injuries sustained. The uninspected passenger vessel Hi Flyer on August 18, 2007, near Miami, Fla., was associated with the event that caused an initial injury to two persons and eventual death of one of them, when the towline parted and the parasail passengers struck a building. The towline parted due to wind gusts. Towline Failures Number Injured Towline failures by number of injuries and severity Single injury events (10) 10 Two person injury events (4) 8 Two person injury and eventual death (1) 1 (1 dead) Total injured by towline failures 19 Towline failures attributed to weather, winds or seas (gusts, passing weather front movements, and rolling or choppy seas). 12 Total Injured by Towline Failures 19

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