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FALL 2014

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64 Proceedings Fall 2014 Prepared by NMC Engineering Examination Team Nautical Engineering Queries Nautical Engineering Queries 1. Fuses are sometimes placed in series with a thermal trip-type circuit breaker. What is the purpose of a fuse used in this arrangement? A. time delay protection B. short-circuit protection C. short duration surge protection D. sustained overload protection 2. Which type of marine sanitation device (MSD) is used solely for the storage of sewage and fush water at ambient air pressure and temperature? A. Type I B. Type II C. Type III D. Type IV 3. A four-stroke eight cylinder in-line medium speed diesel engine has a fring order of 1-5-2-6-8-4-7-3. If #1 piston is at TDC and in the fring position, #6 piston is on . A. the exhaust stroke B. bottom dead center C. the intake stroke D. the compression stroke 4. The fash point of a residual fuel oil should be used to determine the highest temperature to which the oil may be heated . A. for atomizing B. for centrifuging C. in a storage tank D. in the recirculation line Q uestions

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