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SPR 2015

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98 Proceedings Spring 2015 A nswers Deck 1. A. A vessel engaged in fshing Incorrect answer. B. A vessel at anchor Incorrect answer. C. A vessel not under command Incorrect answer. D. A vessel trawling Correct answer. Reference: International and Inland Rule 26. Rule 26(b) states "- A vessel when engaged in trawling, by which is meant the dragging through the water of a dredge net or other apparatus used as a fshing appliance, shall exhibit: (i) two all-round lights in a vertical line, the upper being green and the lower white, or a shape con- sisting of two cones with their apexes together in a vertical line one above the other; (ii) a masthead light abaft of and higher than the all-round green light; a vessel of less than 50 meters in length shall not be obliged to exhibit such a light but may do so; (iii) when making way through the water, in addition to the lights prescribed in this paragraph, side- lights and a sternlight." 2. A. Changing range to an object abeam Correct answer. Reference: Knights Modern Seamanship, Seven- teenth Edition, Page 285. Ranges will vary as the vessel swings, falsely indicating that the anchor is dragging. B. Drift lead with the line tending forward Incorrect answer. C. The cable alternates between slack and heavy tension Incorrect answer. D. Changing bearing to a fxed distant object abeam Incorrect answer. 3. A. at the start of spring, when the sun is nearly over the equator Incorrect answer. B. only when the sun and moon are on the same side of the Earth and nearly in line Incorrect answer. C. when the sun and moon are at approximately 90 ° to each other as seen from the Earth Incorrect answer. D. when the sun, moon, and Earth are nearly in line, in any order Correct answer. Reference: The American Practical Navigator, 2002 Edi- tion, Page 134. This phenomenon causes a combined lunar-solar effect increasing the range of tide by producing higher high water and lower low water cycles. 4. A. 0.95 foot Incorrect answer. B. 1.25 feet Incorrect answer. C. 1.55 feet Correct answer. Reference: Stability and Trim for the Ship's Offcer, William E. George, Fourth Edition, Page 89. The following formula can be utilized to determine the vessel's metacentric height: GM = (.44 × Beam in feet/rolling period in seconds) 2 GM = (.44 × 17'/6sec) 2 GM = 1.55 feet D. 1.78 feet Incorrect answer.

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