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SPR 2015

Proceedings magazine is a communication tool for the Coast Guard's Marine Safety & Security Council. Each quarterly magazine focuses on a specific theme of interest to the marine industry.

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37 Spring 2015 Proceedings Throughout its 40-year history, the National Strike Force has been called upon to oversee and support salvage and diving operations, from the Exxon Valdez response to managing hundreds of marine salvage operations, including the Hur- ricane Katrina recovery effort. Of course the number-one priority for a Coast Guard responder is to ensure safe operations and that the federal on-scene coordinator has the authority to take immediate corrective action to prevent injury and loss of life. Heavy Lift and Rigging Heavy lift and rigging play a major role in almost every salvage operation. A Coast Guard responder should ensure equipment and personnel are certifed for the specifc lifting operation and, if the heavy lift asset is an inspected vessel, the Coast Guard responder should ensure regulatory com- pliance in accordance with the certifcate of inspection. 1 Additionally, Coast Guard personnel should evaluate rig- ging for material condition, breaking strength, and a safety factor. Wire rope and synthetic slings, for example, have manufacturer ratings based on configuration — vertical sling, choker, and basket. As with any other engineering system, personnel should apply the appropriate factor of safety to the breaking strength — typically 4:1 or better and the weak link should be the calculated limiting factor. For example, wire end fttings, pad eyes, brackets, and shackles may reduce the capacity of the rigging system. In addition to evaluating the heavy lift assets and rigging, a Coast Guard responder should review the actual heavy lift plan and include the weight of the rigging and crane block, the vessel, fuel, cargo, gear, and everything onboard in the calculation to ensure the crane can safely lift the vessel. National Strike Force Oversight Ensuring marine salvage and commercial diving operation safety. by Mr. JiM elliott Vice President T&T Marine Salvage Inc. Oil Spill Response Post-hurricane response salvage and heavy lift operation. Photos courtesy of T&T Marine Salvage. Mobile offshore drilling unit salvage.

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