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SPR 2015

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95 Spring 2015 Proceedings Prepared by NMC Engineering Examination Team Nautical Engineering Queries Nautical Engineering Queries 1. If a single-phase capacitor start induction motor fails to start, but instead hums without starting, what is most likely to be the problem? A. an open start capacitor B. a tripped circuit breaker C. a shorted centrifugal switch D. a blown fuse 2. When using a micrometer to measure a drill for size, you should measure across the drill . A. margins B. futes C. shank D. web 3. If an analysis of a sample of used engine lube oil shows a high concentration of sodium nitrite, this probably indi- cates that . A. the air fltration is inadequate B. engine coolant is leaking into the lube oil C. fuel oil is leaking into the lube oil D. the piston rings are excessively worn 4. Which of the following statements holds true for both carbon dioxide and Halon 1301 fxed extinguishing systems? A. A cylinder is considered satisfactory if its weight is within 10% of the stamped full weight of the charge. B. If a protected space is ventilated mechanically, the ventilation system must be automatically shut down by the release of the agent. C. To avoid confusion during an emergency situation, there should be only one action necessary (such as a single pull box) to activate the system. D. All of the above. Q uestions

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