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SPR 2015

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97 Spring 2015 Proceedings Prepared by NMC Deck Examination Team Nautical Deck Queries Nautical Deck Queries 1. Both International and Inland: Which vessel must show an after masthead light, if over 50 meters in length? A. A vessel engaged in fshing B. A vessel at anchor C. A vessel not under command D. A vessel trawling 2. What provides little or no indication that a vessel is dragging anchor? A. Changing range to an object abeam B. Drift lead with the line tending forward C. The cable alternates between slack and heavy tension D. Changing bearing to a fxed distant object abeam 3. Spring tides are a semi-monthly event. Which of the following choices depicts the required circumstances for spring tides to occur? A. at the start of spring, when the sun is nearly over the equator B. only when the sun and moon are on the same side of the Earth and nearly in line C. when the sun and moon are at approximately 90° to each other as seen from the Earth D. when the sun, moon, and Earth are nearly in line, in any order 4. Your vessel measures 125 feet long by 17 feet in beam. If the natural rolling period at a draft of 7'-09" is 6 seconds, what is the GM? A. 0.95 foot B. 1.25 feet C. 1.55 feet D. 1.78 feet Q uestions

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