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SUM 2015

Proceedings magazine is a communication tool for the Coast Guard's Marine Safety & Security Council. Each quarterly magazine focuses on a specific theme of interest to the marine industry.

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Technology 35 The Age of Unmanned Shipping New opportunities and regulatory considerations. by Mr. George Detweiler and Rand D. LeBouvier, Ph.D. 39 Standards Support Innovation The future of marine navigation technology. by Ms. Sandra Borden, Mr. M. Edward Gilbert, Mr. Joseph Hersey, Jr., Mr. Robert L. Markle, Mr. Ross Norsworthy, Mr. Rudy Peschel, and Mr. Joe Ryan 42 Human-Centered Design for Navigation Systems Reducing costs, increasing operations effciency, and delivering signifcant safety improvements. by Mr. Nick Lemon and Michelle Rita Grech, Ph.D. 45 21 st Century Waterways Navigation A Research and Development Center initiative. by Mr. James E. Fletcher 48 Dial "C" for Cyber Attack How marine system vulnerabilities can increase cyber risk. by CAPT Andrew Tucci 52 Augmented Reality Navigation Displays Maintaining situational awareness in the e-Navigation era. by Captain Samuel R. Pecota, Martha Grabowski, Ph.D., and Eric Holder, Ph.D. 56 The Draft Information System Innovation in vessel traffc management. by Ms. Betty Sutton Delivering the Future of Navigation 58 Looking out the Window Training the navigator for 21 st century waterways. Captain Scott Powell On Deck 4 Director's Perspective by Mr. Gary C. Rasicot 5 Champion's Point of View by CAPT Scott J. Smith 67 Upcoming in Proceedings 62 Chemical of the Quarter Understanding Diluted Bitumen by 1/c Nickolette Morin and CDR Gregory Hall Nautical Queries 63 Engineering 65 Deck Cover image: scan horizon / Stocktrek Images / Thinkstock. Graphics USCG and its licensors, unless otherwise indicated.

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