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63 Summer 2015 Proceedings Prepared by NMC Engineering Examination Team Nautical Engineering Queries Nautical Engineering Queries 1. With reference to the oxyacetylene welding of high carbon steels, hard-facing, and the welding of nonferrous alloys, such as monel, the best fame to use is termed a/an . A. oxidizing fame B. neutral fame C. nitriding fame D. carburizing fame 2. Injection pressure in a common rail fuel system is controlled by . Note: In any fuel injection system, injection pressure must be accurately controlled to ensure adequate penetration of atomized fuel into the pressurized cylinder for complete combustion. A. engine speed B. varying the fuel pump piston stroke C. varying the injector needle valve clearance D. a bypass valve 3. According to 46 CFR Part 147, a cylinder used for storing CO2 in a fxed frefghting system must be hydrostatically retested and restamped every . A. once in every calendar year. B. 5 years C. 8 years D. 12 years 4. A high water level in a deaerating feed heater will cause the automatic dump valve to drain condensate to the . A. atmospheric drain tank B. reserve feed tank C. auxiliary condenser D. main condenser Q uestions

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