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SUM 2015

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65 Summer 2015 Proceedings Prepared by NMC Deck Examination Team Nautical Deck Queries Nautical Deck Queries 1. INTERNATIONAL & INLAND: Which vessel would exhibit sidelights when underway and not making way? A. A vessel towing astern B. A vessel trawling C. A vessel not under command D. A vessel engaged in dredging operations 2. Which of the following terms defnes the minimum temperature required to ignite gas or vapor without a spark or fame being present? A. fash point B. fre point C. autoignition temperature D. lower explosive limit 3. As Master or person in charge, you must notify the U.S. Coast Guard if an injury leaves a crewman unft to perform routine duties for more than which of the following time periods? A. 24 hours B. 48 hours C. 72 hours D. Any amount of time 4. You are on course 344°T and take a relative bearing of a lighthouse of 270°. What is the true bearing to the lighthouse? A. 016° B. 074° C. 090° D. 254° Q uestions

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