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FALL 2015

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43 Fall 2015 Proceedings if modifcations are made to the cargo containment system. In these cases, the vessel's owner only needs to submit the updated International Maritime Organization Certifcate of Fitness and the modifed class-approved engineering plans. The local Coast Guard offce can handle changes to the ves- sel name, issuing offcer, issue date, and expiration date. Invalidation The SOE is considered invalid if the vessel does not have a current IMO COF with annual signatures from the fag state or accepted classifcation society, if the vessel suffers a marine casualty affecting the cargo containment system, or if a Coast Guard representative considers the vessel unsuitable to carry the authorized cargoes and invalidates the Subchapter O endorsement and/or the certificate of compliance. About the author: LT Rachel Beckmann is the Vessel and Cargo Branch chief at the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Center. LT Beckmann has served in the Coast Guard for nine years in a variety of roles, including deck watch offcer aboard CGC Healy and Walnut, and dive offcer aboard CGC Walnut. vessel's next U.S. port of call. The Subchapter O endorsement contains the following information: • reference to the applicable International Gas Code, • vessel maximum allowable relief valve settings, • tank types, • minimum cargo temperature, • list of authorized cargoes, • general cargo carriage requirements, • any special restrictions on cargo carriage. The standard Marine Safety Center turnaround time for an SOE application is 30 days. The SOE application must be approved prior to scheduling a certifcate of compliance exam, and local Coast Guard offces must be notifed a mini- mum of seven days prior to the COC exam. Foreign ves- sel owners should submit their Subchapter O endorsement applications with due consideration for these timelines. Once the vessel successfully completes a certifcate of com- pliance exam, the operator will receive the Subchapter O endorsement and certifcate of compliance. Updates and Notifcations Subchapter O endorsement updates are only required if there is a change in the cargoes authorized for carriage or For more information: V isit : homep or t .uscg. mil > M arine Safety Center > Services > Subchapter O Endorsement.

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