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FALL 2015

Proceedings magazine is a communication tool for the Coast Guard's Marine Safety & Security Council. Each quarterly magazine focuses on a specific theme of interest to the marine industry.

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48 Liquefed Gas Barges Bunker and cargo considerations. by LT Cristina Nelson and Mr. Roy Bleiberg 52 Safe Transport LNG shipping history. by Mr. Andrew Clifton 54 LNG as Fuel Projects and new design/operating standards. by Mr. Timothy E. Meyers, P.E., and Mr. Scott V. LaBurn 57 A Sea Change A bright future for gas-fueled shipping. by Mr. Mark Bell Adapting to New Crude 60 Environmental Response in a New Crude Landscape Responding to oil sand product spills. by Mr. Kurt Hansen and LT Sara Booth 63 New Crude Tests Regulatory Flexibility Bakken crude oil transport challenges. by LT Andrew Murphy 66 Arctic Resources The lure of energy resources in the frontier. by LT Stephen P. Fainer 73 Crude Transport Coast Guard connectivity to the oil and gas supply chain. by LT Brandon Aten Planning for the Renaissance 76 Prevention, Preparedness, Response The U.S. Coast Guard readies for America's Energy Renaissance. by LCDR Mike Struthers 80 Training the USCG for the Energy Renaissance Marine inspector qualifcation and training. by CDR Jim Rocco, Mr. Rob Hanley, and Mr. Mark J. Gandolfo 83 Mariner Training Alternative fuel competency. by Mr. Davis J. Breyer and Ms. Margaret Doyle On Deck 4 Assistant Commandant's Perspective by Rear Admiral Paul F. Thomas 5 Champion's Point of View by CDR Jason Smith 91 Upcoming in Proceedings 86 Chemical of the Quarter Understanding Unslaked Lime by Mr. Tom Gleave Nautical Queries 87 Engineering 89 Deck Cover image by SSSCCC / iStock / Thinkstock. Graphics USCG and its licensors, unless otherwise indicated.

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