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71 Fall 2015 Proceedings Consortium Rosneft, which successfully drilled an offshore Arctic well in 2014, announced it would cancel drilling in 2015 due to ongoing international sanctions, and in Green- land, oil companies are relinquishing their leases. 34 Mean- while, some IOCs like Total S.A. have eschewed Arctic oil exploration and production altogether, deeming Arctic operations too environmentally risky. 35 ENI, Shell, and Hilcorp are exceptions to this trend. In Feb- ruary 2015, ENI's newest foating production storage and offoading platform Goliat began a two-month voyage from South Korea to the northern tip of Norway. When installed (planned for summer 2015), it will become the world's north- ernmost offshore oil production facility. 36 Shell has indicated its intention to drill in the U.S. Arctic OCS in 2015 despite cutting its exploration and production budget by $15 billion. The company views the U.S. Arctic as a long-term invest- ment and an opportunity to "book" large conventional reserves. While the current oil price reduces available capi- tal for new investments, Shell has already sunk signifcant investments into its previous ventures in the U.S. Arctic. 37 The Outlook During the next several decades, world oil and natural gas consumption is forecast to continue to grow. Limited access to "easy oil" will drive companies like Shell to seek frontier resources that require signifcant capital investments and technical expertise. The Arctic's large resource potential will remain a tempting opportunity to "book" new reserves. While drilling in the U.S. Arctic outer continental shelf is not new, the environmental and logistical challenges remain high. The U.S. federal government, led by BOEM, BSEE, and the USCG, is working to improve its regulatory and response framework to facilitate safe, effective, and environmentally responsible exploitation of U.S. natural resources on behalf of the American people. About the author: LT Fainer was the energy and commerce analyst for the Intelligence Coor- dination Center from 2014 through July 2015. He has served in the Coast Guard for six years, and is completing his M.S. at the National Intelligence University. Endnotes: 1. U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Department of the Interior, "90 Billion Barrels of Oil and 1,670 Trillion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas Assessed in the Arctic," July 23, 2008. 2. Jad Mouawad, New York Times, "Oil Survey Says Arctic Has Riches," July 24, 2008. 3. U.S. Energy Information Administration, "Europe Brent Spot Price FOB," accessed Feb. 2015. 4. Emily Chasan, Reuters, "Judge approves Lehman, Barclays pact," Sept. 20, 2008. 5. See 6. 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