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FALL 2015

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87 Fall 2015 Proceedings Prepared by NMC Engineering Examination Team Nautical Engineering Queries Nautical Engineering Queries 1. What is the function of the autotransformer used with autotransformer starters on some large AC motors? A. provide increased voltage for starting B. provide increased torque for starting C. provide reduced voltage for starting D. provide speed control 2. Regarding the low pressure evaporator steam control orifce in the live steam supply line, the steam at the outlet of the orifce, if not properly conditioned, will be developed as . A. desuperheated steam B. superheated steam C. saturated steam D. poor quality steam 3. Injection lag can be caused by . A. improper timing of the intake valves B. setting of the pump plunger C. compressibility of the fuel D. position of the needle valve 4. The factor contributing to the greatest effect on the ship's period of roll is the . A. length of KB B. vertical weight distribution C. virtual rise in the center of gravity D. moment to trim 1 inch (MT1) Q uestions

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