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34 Proceedings Winter 2015–2016 environment. Suspension and revocation (S&R) proceedings are fundamental to achieving those goals. The rules, regulations, and processes involved in S&R pro- ceedings help the Coast Guard administer oversight of mar- iner conduct where credentialed merchant mariners: ► have been negligent in their responsibilities; ► have acted beyond the scope of their credentials; ► have been shown to have taken actions that are contrary to public safety, such as inappropriately or illegally using drugs and alcohol. The process helps to ensure that merchant mariners con- tinue to possess and display the essential skills, experience, and character to safely operate in America's maritime trans- portation system. The Genesis In 2008, under the framework of the Coast Guard's 2007 Marine Safety Enhancement Plan, leadership established the Coast Guard's Suspension and Revocation National Cen- ter of Expertise (S&R NCOE) to improve the professionalism and profciency of the Coast Guard investigating offcer (IO) workforce through direct support, oversight, and training. Shortly after its establishment, the S&R NCOE became rec- ognized as the central repository of Coast Guard expertise and best practices associated with merchant mariner cre- dential suspension and revocation. As such, it is well pre- pared and proactive in its mission to provide support to the people and units who carry out the suspension and revoca- tion mission. The S&R NCOE does so throughout all stages of the process to ensure mission operations and activities are achieved within the spirit as well as the letter of the law and the marine safety program. The Coast Guard bears the enormous responsibility of ensuring that the 250,000-plus credentialed mariners oper- ating on our nation's navigable waterways are not only competent, but that their conduct promotes marine safety, ensures marine security, and protects the public and marine Promoting Professionalism and Profciency The Coast Guard's Suspension and Revocation National Center of Expertise. by LCDR yanCee MCLeMoRe Program Manager, Suspension and Revocation U.S. Coast Guard Offce of Marine Casualty Investigations and Analysis Suspension and Revocation National Center of Expertise Suspension & Revocation NCOE Functions ► Maintain programmatic expertise in the suspen- sion and revocation process and administrative procedures. ► Serve as the feld's primary liaison with the National Maritime Center on S&R-related issues that deal with medical and professional incompetence. ► Provide Coast Guard investigating ofcers with continual training opportunities on S&R proce- dures and hearing processes. ► Provide technical assistance with suspen- sion and revocation hearing preparation and representation. ► Provide sector commanders with expert advice on contentious suspension and revocation cases. ► Provide Coast Guard investigating ofcers with resources for review and assistance with docu- ment filing as well as general advice on case management.

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