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63 Winter 2015–2016 Proceedings Prepared by NMC Engineering Examination Team Nautical Engineering Queries Nautical Engineering Queries 1. When a megohmmeter is being used to test insulation resistance, current leakage along the surface of the insulation is indicated by the megohmmeter's pointer responding in a very unique way. What would be the response of the pointer? A. dipping toward zero, then raising slowly B. continually rising as test voltage is applied C. kicking slightly down scale as voltage is applied D. fuctuating around a constant resistance reading 2. The quantity or condition which is measured and controlled is known as the . A. controlled variable B. manipulated variable C. set point D. control point 3. Excessive side clearance between a piston ring and its groove will cause the ring to . A. expand excessively under operating temperatures B. scuff the cylinder liner excessively C. hammer the piston land above the ring D. hammer the piston land below the ring 4. The horizontal fore and aft movement of a vessel is called . A. yaw B. sway C. heave D. surge Q uestions

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