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WIN 2015

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65 Winter 2015–2016 Proceedings Prepared by NMC Deck Examination Team Nautical Deck Queries Nautical Deck Queries 1. INTERNATIONAL ONLY: Your vessel is backing out of a slip in a harbor. Visibility is restricted. Which signal are you required to sound? A. one prolonged blast only B. one prolonged blast followed by three short blasts when the last line is taken aboard C. one prolonged blast followed by three short blasts when leaving the slip D. the danger signal 2. Which statement regarding the free surface correction is TRUE? A. It is added to GM at light drafts and subtracted at deep drafts. B. It is increased if the slack tank is not on the centerline. C. It is decreased if the slack tank is below the KG of the vessel. D. The correction decreases as the draft increases. 3. You are steering 125° PGC. The wind is southwest by south, causing a 3° leeway. The variation is 6°E, the deviation is 2°W, and the gyro error is 1°W. What is the true course made good? A. 121°T B. 123°T C. 127°T D. 129°T 4. Which statement is true when the captain of the port or offcer in charge, marine inspection issues an order of sus- pension to the operator of a vessel concerning oil transfer operations? A. It is always effective immediately. B. It includes a statement of each condition requiring corrective action. C. It must be in writing before it takes effect. D. All of the above. Q uestions

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