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66 Proceedings Winter 2015–2016 A nswers Deck 1. A. one prolonged blast only Correct answer. "A power-driven vessel making way through the water shall sound at intervals of not more than 2 minutes one prolonged blast." Reference: International Rule 35(a) B. one prolonged blast followed by three short blasts when the last line is taken aboard Incorrect answer. C. one prolonged blast followed by three short blasts when leaving the slip Incorrect answer. D. the danger signal Incorrect answer. 2. A. It is added to GM at light drafts and subtracted at deep drafts. Incorrect answer. B. It is increased if the slack tank is not on the centerline. Incorrect answer. C. It is decreased if the slack tank is below the KG of the vessel. Incorrect answer. D. The correction decreases as the draft increases. Correct answer. The free surface correction will decrease as displacement increases; this can be demonstrated by the following formula: GGo = Free surface constants / Displacement Where: GGo = Virtual rise of the center of gravity Free surface constants = Free surface constant for all of the slack tanks Displacement = Vessel displacement Reference: Stability and Trim for the Ship's Offcer, Fourth Edition, William E. George, p. 170-171. 3. A. 121°T Correct answer. Correct the Gyro Compass Heading as follows: 125° PGC - 1°W GE = 124°True Apply leeway to the true course in the direction the wind is setting to obtain the CMG. 124°True - 3° of leeway = 121°True Reference: The American Practical Navigator, 2002 Edition, p. 97, p. 102, and p. 785. Where: T = True; PGC = Per Gyro Compass; GE = Gyro Error; CMG = Course Made Good B. 123°T Incorrect answer. C. 127°T Incorrect answer. D. 129°T Incorrect answer. 4. A. It is always effective immediately. Incorrect answer. B. It includes a statement of each condition requiring corrective action. Correct answer. "A suspension order: (a) May be effective immediately; (b) Is issued in writing unless it is effective immediately and then it may be issued orally and followed up in writing; (c) Includes a statement of each condition requiring correction to-" Reference: 33 CFR 156.112(c) C. It must be in writing before it takes effect. Incorrect answer. D. All of the above. Incorrect answer.

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