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SPR 2016

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64 Proceedings Spring 2016 Prepared by NMC Engineering Examination Team Nautical Engineering Queries Nautical Engineering Queries 1. Which of the following actions must be carried out before a voltage tester can be used to test the three line fuses to a three-phase motor? A. The fuses must be removed from the circuit. B. The starter must be placed in the STOP position to stop and disconnect the motor. C. The three line connections in the motor terminal box must be disconnected and tagged. D. Nothing need be done as long as the motor is running under a light load. 2. The instrument always used in conjunction with a salinometer is a . A. pyrometer B. thermometer C. hygrometer D. hydrometer 3. Which of the listed diesel engine starting systems is most susceptible to diffculties in cold weather? A. direct cylinder admission air start B. hydraulic C. electric D. air motor starting 4. The formation of a pit in a boiler tube is most likely to occur when . A. waterside deposits are present B. sludge is present C. dissolved oxygen is present D. the tube metal acts as a cathode Q uestions

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