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31 Summer 2016 Proceedings Collaborative Partnering The Port of Virginia does not operate in a vacuum. Our col- leagues live and work in communities across the common- wealth. We operate facilities near neighborhoods and work ships along our waterways. That's why it's critical that we form and nurture relationships with community organi- zations, business organizations, and government at every level. Working together, keeping each other informed, and being mindful of the needs of our communities helps ensure we are running an economic engine that is sustainable — in every sense of the word — for generations to come. For example, we have embarked on a three-year study with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to produce a general re- evaluation report on the future of our shipping channel to ensure the Port of Virginia is deepened and widened to accommodate larger commercial vessels and the U.S. Navy's largest aircraft carriers. That report, which will be released in draft form in December 2016 and signed into effect by September 2018, will serve as the foundation for working with our congressional delegation and state legislators to secure funding for this critical asset. A March 2015 partnership led to a prototype propane- powered truck. Personnel put the vehicle through the paces and agreed that it kept pace with conventional diesel trucks in the high-tempo marine terminal environment while keeping ground-level emissions around the vehicle cleaner than gasoline or diesel-powered trucks. Moving forward, we will continue to explore alternatives to diesel power in our vehicle and cargo-handling equipment fleets. Further, to make the most meaningful impact in our com- munities, the port focuses on distinct areas of giving and service, including: • education and workforce development, • awareness and stewardship, • harbors and navigable waterways, • health and safety, • community enrichment. We also actively participate in programs including the United Way, Clean the Bay Day, and food drives for our local food banks. Additionally, through our Aid to Local Ports program, the Port of Virginia provides $1 million each year to localities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia to help fund projects including dock and bulkhead replacements, constructing a breakwater and pier, and dredging assistance. We are also active members of the Virginia Maritime Asso- ciation as well as sponsors of the Elizabeth River Project, Virginia Aquarium, Boy Scouts of America, and many more. Future Focus The number and size of the vessels coming to the Port of Virginia keep growing — and will continue to grow. The revenue generated will be reinvested in all of the port's ter- minals. This unique port, because of its assets and ability to leverage those assets and expand, is well-positioned to capitalize on new markets, growing market share, shifting trade lanes, a dynamic industry, and the unforeseen oppor- tunities that all these changes hold. We know that each additional import container brings jobs to the port and business for our shipper, freight forwarder, and distribution center partners. Each new export container also brings jobs to the farms and factories that produce a "made in Virginia" product. Our mission is to foster eco- nomic development and create jobs across the Common- wealth of Virginia by serving as a global gateway for trade. About the author: Cathie J. Vick is the chief public affairs officer at the Port of Virginia, where she oversees economic development, government and community rela- tions, marketing and communications, and maritime incident and emer- gency response for the third-largest port on the East Coast. Her background includes both the public and private side of government and public relations. Ms. Vick earned her J.D. from Georgia State University College of Law and her B.A. in political science and communications from James Madison Uni- versity. She is currently pursuing her MBA at the College of William and Mary. She is a 2005 fellow of the Sorenson Institute of Political Leadership, a 2009 graduate of LEAD Hampton Roads, a 2015 graduate of LEAD Vir- ginia, and has been named by Inside Business as one of the region's "Top 40 under 40" in 2005 and "Top Women in Business" in 2010. Endnote: 1. Raymond A. Mason School of Business, College of William & Mary, "The Fiscal Year 2013 Virginia Economic Impacts of the Port of Virginia." For more information: Statistics courtesy of the Port of Virginia. For more information, visit www.portofvirginia. com.

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