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SUM 2016

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In this edition, we explore the ways the maritime domain is expanding as our increasingly interconnected world continues to rely on the marine transportation system (MTS) for rapid, economical, and effi cient goods movement from port to port. Currently, more than 90 percent of global trade travels by way of a maritime conveyance. 1 As American water- ways form a large portion of this global marine transportation system network, stakehold- ers depend upon the U.S. Coast Guard to ensure safe waterway transit throughout the United States. Further, ensuring a viable cadre of U.S.-fl agged and U.S.-trained commercial vessels and crews remains a vital national security interest. Additionally, the continued growth of a safe and effi cient marine transportation system provides a unique path to swell the economy and national wealth. Ensuring a safe, secure, and viable U.S. waterway system supports the global economy as well as regional United States economies, as U.S. waterways generate $165 million per day 2 and employ more than 374,000 people in the Port of Virginia alone. 3 In this edition, we feature several articles illus- trating the ways this broad array of maritime commerce is critical to our national economy. Unfortunately, the marine transportation system faces a number of challenges and threats, including natural or man-made disasters, mechanical or human-caused casualties, and the effects of climate change. The effects of any system disruption only magnify our increasing reliance upon the marine transportation system for national and global economic security. The Coast Guard's responsibility and ability to manage such threats is critical to maintain- ing MTS effi ciency. We manage these risks through our unique global-to-local expertise in the domain, leveraging operational capabilities through a trained and focused workforce as well as close collaboration with a wide range of international, federal, state, local, and industry partners. One fi nal critical element of Coast Guard governance is our need to maintain a careful balance by upholding rigorous safety standards without becoming an impediment to economic growth. As you look through this edition, you will quickly realize the challenges we face as a nation in attempting to leverage the full capabilities of the MTS while the Coast Guard, along with our partners, continues to balance the need to expand responsibly through a regime of safety and security. I'd like to thank our many maritime industry partners for sharing their expertise in this edition, and I hope our readers fi nd this Proceedings issue interesting and useful. Endnotes: 1. See 2. Virginia Maritime Association, "Ports of Virginia Annual 2014." 3. Raymond A. Mason School of Business, College of William & Mary, "The Fiscal Year 2013 Virginia Economic Impacts of the Port of Virginia." Champion's Point of View 5 Summer 2016 Summer 2016 Proceedings Editorial Team Barbara Chiarizia Executive Editor Diana Forbes Managing Editor Leslie C. Goodwin Art Director Proceedings is published quarterly in the interest of safety at sea under the auspices of the Marine Safety & Security Council. Special permission for republication, either in whole or in part, except for copyrighted mate- rial, is not required, provided credit is given to Proceedings. The articles contained in Proceed- ings are submitted by diverse public and private interests in the maritime community as a means to promote maritime safety and security. The views expressed by the authors do not necessarily represent those of the U.S. Coast Guard or the Department of Homeland Security or represent offi cial policy. Editorial Contact Email: HQS-DG-NMCProceedings@ Mail: Commandant (CG-DCO-84) ATTN: Editor, Proceedings Magazine U.S. Coast Guard Stop 7318 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. S.E. Washington, DC 20593-7318 Web: Phone: (202) 372-2316 Subscription Requests Proceedings is free. Subscriptions by CaPT sTeVen P. wITTroCk Chief, Offi ce of Strategic Analysis U.S. Coast Guard

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