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SUM 2016

Proceedings magazine is a communication tool for the Coast Guard's Marine Safety & Security Council. Each quarterly magazine focuses on a specific theme of interest to the marine industry.

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75 Summer 2016 Proceedings A nswers Deck 1. A. You must sound a prolonged blast. Incorrect answer. B. You must sound three short blasts. Incorrect answer. C. You must sound a long blast. Incorrect answer. D. No signal is required. Correct answer. Reference: International Rule 34. The COLREGS do not require a vessel to sound any specific signal when leaving a dock or berth as required in Inland Rule 34(g). 2. A. spraying foam on a bulkhead and letting it flow down and over a pool of burning oil Incorrect answer. B. cooling adjacent bulkheads with water to prevent the spread of the fire by conduction Incorrect answer. C. bouncing a straight stream of water off the overhead to create spray effect Incorrect answer. D. flooding a paint locker with CO 2 and sealing the compartment Correct answer. Reference: Marine Fire Prevention, Firefighting and Fire Safety, Maritime Administration, page 202. "An indirect attack is employed when it is impossible for firefighters to reach the seat of the fire." The incorrect choices represent a direct attack on a fire. 3. A. in the Notice to Mariners Incorrect answer. B. on the chart Incorrect answer. C. in the Coast Pilot Incorrect answer. D. on the Light List Correct answer. Reference: Light List, Introduction, Other Short Range Aids to Navigation, page XV. "Seasonal aids to navigation are placed into service or changed at specific times of the year." 4. A. 5,280 lbs. Incorrect answer. B. 7,700 lbs. Incorrect answer. C. 12,200 lbs. Incorrect answer. D. 14,400 lbs. Correct answer. Reference: American Merchant Seaman's Manual, Hayler and Keever, 17 th Edition, pages 1-13. Where: B = Breaking strength of manila in pounds 900 is a constant. C = Circumference in inches B = 900 × C 2 B = 900 × 4 2 B = 14,400 lbs.

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