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Pictured from left to right is CDR Mike Farrell, LCDR Radiah Jones, and CAPT John S. Kenyon, who were presented with the 2009 James Sener Award for Excel- lence in Marine Investigations in August 2010. USCG photo by LTJG Morgan Evans. CDR Malcolm McLellan, also a 2010 recipient, care- fully inspects a strobe light recovered on a F/V Katmai survival suit. CDR Brian K. Penoyer, deputy commander, and CAPT Mark P. O'Malley, commander, of Sector Baltimore, accept the 2007 James Sener Award for Excellence in Marine Inves- tigations on behalf of Sector Baltimore for their efforts in the Montrose incident. USCG SKRWR E\ 3HWW\ 2I¿ FHU 5REHUW %UD]]HOO 2010 CDR Malcolm McLellan, USCG headquarters: Sinking of the vessel Katmai. 2010 MSTC Peter Gollnick, Sector Boston: Sinking of vessel Patriot. 2009 Mr. Phillip Wolf, Sector Southeast New England: Sinking of the vessel Costa and Corvo. 2009 LCDR Radiah Jones, Sector Honolulu: Demasting of the vessel Nahoku II. 2008 MSSE4 Michael Fincham, Sector Southeast New England: Sinking of the fi shing vessel Lady of Grace. 2008 LCDR Charles Barbee, Marine Safety Unit Savannah: Sinking of the towing vessel Valor. 2007 LCDR Michael Kelly, CG District 8: Sinking of the vessel Elizabeth M. 2007 MSSD2 Peter Hackett, Sector Baltimore: Grounding of the vessel Montrose. 2006 MSSD3 John Nay, Sector Delaware Bay: Grounding of the tank vessel Athos I. 2005 Mr. Jerome Crooks, Sector Hampton Roads: Explosion of vessel Bow Mariner. 2005 CDR Richard Raksnis, CG District 5: Explosion of vessel Edward A. Carter. 2005 CAPT William Drelling, Marine Safety Unit Morgan City: death on vessel Mr. Fred. LQJ EHVW PDULQH LQYHVWLJDWLRQ SUDFWLFHV 5HFRJQL]LQJ WKDW PDQ\ LQYHVWLJDWLRQV DUH D WHDP HIIRUW WKH XQLW DQG WKH LQYHVWLJDWLRQ WHDP PHPEHUV DUH UHFRJQL]HG DORQJ ZLWK WKH OHDG LQYHVWLJDWLQJ RIÀ FHU 7KH DZDUG GRHV QRW UHSODFH WKH H[LVWLQJ IRUPDO DZDUGV SURJUDP DQG LQGLYLGXDOV PD\ UHFHLYH ERWK WKH &RQJUHVVPDQ -DPHV 6HQHU $ZDUG DQG D IRUPDO PLOLWDU\ RU FLYLOLDQ DZDUG LI DSSURSULDWH IRU WKH VDPH RXWVWDQGLQJ HIIRUW About the author: LT Eric Rivera has served in the Coast Guard for the past 17 years. He served at two air stations as an aviation maintenance technician, DQG DW WZR VHFWRUV DV D SUHYHQWLRQ RIÀ FHU +H LV FXUUHQWO\ D SURJUDP DQDO\VW LQ WKH 2IÀ FH RI ,QYHVWLJDWLRQ DQG $QDO\VLV 16 Proceedings Fall 2012

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