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FAL 2012

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Captain Domenic A. Calicchio Award Acknowledging selfless contributions at Training Center Yorktown. E\ 05. J$0(6 P. F,1. National Technical Advisor Coast Guard Suspension and Revocation National Center of Expertise &'5 52%(57 H(/721 Supervisor Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment Nashville "When I turned around there was nobody there. I think we got separated by the seas. Finally, after some time in the water, I came across a life ULQJ DQG WKHUH ZHUH ¿YH RWKHU SHRSOH KDQJLQJ RQ « It was the chief engineer [Richard Powers]; the third mate, 5LFKDUG 5REHUWV RQH RI WKH RUGLQDU\ VHDPHQ KLV ¿UVW QDPH LV +DUROG≲²≲, GRQ¶W NQRZ KLV ODVW QDPH WKH GD\ PDQ -RH , GRQ¶W NQRZ KLV ODVW QDPH DQG LW ZDV WKH UDGLR RSHUDWRU [Sparks Lane], and myself. We were on the life ring. :H VRXQGHG RII VR ZH FRXOG ¿QG RXW ZKR ZDV WKHUH :H sounded off by number and came out with six. $QG WKHQ LW ZDV MXVW WDONLQJ JLYLQJ HDFK RWKHU HQFRXUDJH- ment, that we thought daylight was coming pretty quick. The only lights I could see around me were the strobe lights of the life rings, the water lights, and I could hear people FDOOLQJ DOO WKH WLPH EXW , FRXOGQ¶W VHH DQ\ERG\ HOVH « $QG , GRQ¶W NQRZ ZKHQ , VWDUWHG WR QRWLFH WKDW SHRSOH ZHUHQ¶W on the life ring. , QRWLFHG WKDW +DUROG ZDVQ¶W WKHUH DW RQH WLPH $QG WKHQ , WXUQHG DURXQG DQG WKH GD\ PDQ ZDVQ¶W WKHUH , QRWLFHG WKDW KH ZDVQ¶W VKLQLQJ LW DQ\ PRUH , WKRXJKW KH PLJKW KDYH ORVW LW 6R , ZKDFNHG KLP RQ WKH EDFN RI KLV OLIH jacket, and there was no response from the chief. , QHYHU ORRNHG DW P\ ZDWFK LQ WKH ZDWHU EHFDXVH , ZDV DIUDLG WKDW , ZRXOG ORVH P\ JULS RQ WKH ULQJ 6R , ZDVQ¶W FRQFHUQHG with the time element. I kept talking to Sparks. Sparks was the last one on the ring with me. 7KH KHOLFRSWHUV DUULYHG DQG LW VHHPHG OLNH , FRXOG VHH WKHP SDVVLQJ RYHU PH WZR RU WKUHH WLPHV EHIRUH WKH\ VSRWWHG XV When they lowered the basket, I turned to tell Sparks that the EDVNHW ZDV KHUH DQG 6SDUNV ZDVQ¶W RQ WKH OLIH ULQJ DQ\PRUH It was just myself." Fall 2012 Proceedings Right after that, I called out to Rich Roberts and I asked him how he was doing. He responded that he was okay; that he ZDV FROG KH ZDV RND\ , GRQ¶W NQRZ KRZ ORQJ LW ZDV RQ WKH life ring before I noticed that the only ones there were the chief engineer and the radio operator. +H ZDV VWLIIHQLQJ XS +H NHSW VD\LQJ ³,¶P FROG ,¶P FROG Help me." $W WKDW SRLQW , QRWLFHG WKDW WKH FKLHI≲²≲WKH FKLHI≲²≲ZKHQ ZH went into the water, had his spotlight and he had been shin- ing it up into the air all this time. 17 Investigate

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