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FAL 2012

Proceedings magazine is a communication tool for the Coast Guard's Marine Safety & Security Council. Each quarterly magazine focuses on a specific theme of interest to the marine industry.

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Calicchio Award perpetual plaque on display at the Marine Inspection and Investigation School, CG Train- ing Center Yorktown, Va. Photo by Mr. James Fink. At the 2011 Coast Guard Marine Inspector/Investigator graduation ceremony, U.S. Coast Guard Vice Admiral Brian Salerno honored two marine safety legends, Rear Admiral William M. Benkert and Captain Dominic A. Calicchio. While each of these men have Coast Guard awards named for them, it was only recently that they them- selves were rewarded, albeit posthumously. "If my signature looks like my hand was shaking when I signed the FHUWL¿FDWHV DZDUGLQJ WKH 0DULQH 6DIHW\ 3LQ WR 5HDU $GPLUDO %HQ- kert and Captain Calicchio, it probably was," Vice Admiral Salerno said. "These are two icons of marine safety, and I have been in awe of them throughout my marine safety career." From left, Rear Admiral Benkert's son, Mr. Alan Benkert; and Cap- tain Calicchio's brother, Master Mariner Captain Fred Calicchio; receive the accolade from Vice Admiral Salerno. USCG photo. 2Q -DQXDU\ RADM Mary Landry provides poi- gnant remarks during the dedication ceremony for the Calicchio Award at CG Training Center Yorktown, Va., Nov. 7, 2007. USCG photo. LQ WKH FRGH ZKLOH IDFLQJ KHDY\ SUHVVXUH WR DPHQG WKH UHSRUW WKDW DOORZHG KLP WR IRUJH DKHDG ZKHQ RWKHUV ZRXOG KDYH EXFNOHG 2Q )HEUXDU\ WKH LQYHVWLJDWLRQ FRQYHQHG LQ 3RUWVPRXWK 9D 7KH UHSRUW KDG UHVXOWHG LQ PRUH WKDQ SDJHV RI WHVWLPRQ\ LQFOXGLQJ WHVWLPRQ\ IURP Marine Electric's 7KLUG 0DWH (XJHQH .HOO\ ZKLFK LV UHÁHFWHG DW WKH EHJLQQLQJ RI WKLV DUWLFOH &$37 &DOLF- FKLR VWRRG VWHDGIDVW XSRQ WKH FRGH DQG WKH UHSRUW·V SURFODPDWLRQ IRU FKDQJH DIWHU UHYLHZ WKH &RDVW *XDUG &RPPDQGDQW DSSURYHG DQG FRQFXUUHG ZLWK WKH UHSRUW VXEMHFW WR FRPPHQWV LQFOXGLQJ D PDMRULW\ RI WKH SURSRVHG UHFRPPHQGDWLRQV &$37 &DOLFFKLR·V XQZDYHULQJ GHGLFDWLRQ WR WKH 2OG 0DQ·V &RGH EURXJKW DERXW LQFUHGLEOH UHIRUPV IRU WKH PDULWLPH LQGXVWU\ LQWHQGHG WR SURWHFW WKH OLYHV RI PDULQHUV DW VHD $V D UHVXOW RI WKH &RDVW *XDUG LQYHVWLJDWLRQ DQG UHSRUW 0U )UXPS ZURWH "The impact of inspections on the Merchant 0DULQH ÁHHW RI WKH 8QLWHG 6WDWHV ³ RQ DQ\ SRVW- ZDU PHUFKDQW ÁHHW RI DQ\ ÁDJ LQ SHDFHWLPH ² seems unparalleled. More than half of the large EXON FDUULHUV RI WKH $PHULFDQ PHUFKDQW ÁHHW were junked virtually overnight. Even more fol- lowed in subsequent years. The losses to owners were estimated at more than $1 billion."5 Fall 2012 Proceedings 19

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